Raw - Pro Natural Whey Concentrate + Digestive Enzymes

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Product Description

Corebolics RAW-PRO is a source of protein that was designed to help meet daily protein needs of men and women in all age groups. Highly digestible, it employs 100% ultrafiltered, low temperature processed whey protein concentrate.

This naturally flavoured formula is also highly concentrated in essential amino acids- half of which are muscle-sparing branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) that guard hard-earned muscles from catabolism- before, during and after workouts.


RAW-PRO Whey can benefit practically everyone, from elite athletes, those making healthy lifestyle choices, to growing children, teens and even the elderly.

With the addition of digestive enzymes, a proteolytic enzyme blend, which helps the body obtain more amino acids from ingested protein, which makes achieving positive nitrogen balance a more seamless process.

When an athlete takes RAW-PRO Whey enhanced with digestive enzymes, the body can absorb more amino acids directly into the bloodstream, which ultimately aids in increasing muscle size, strength and lean body mass.


Whey protein is nutritionally perfect. That means it contains adequate amounts of all the essential and non essential amino acids required by the human body.

A complete protein is composed of all 9 essential amino acids in adequate quantities, and some of those are more critical than others. At the top of that list are the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) that include leucine, isoleucine, and valine, which are absolute requirements for protein synthesis, and muscle development. Of the branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), leucine is most critical for athletes and for protein synthesis, and RAW-PRO Whey offers athletes a wellspring of this important amino acid.

Compared to other protein sources, such as casein, soy, and egg/albumen products, whey is the gold standard for bodybuilding and strength athletes wanting to maximize their training.


Research teaches that there are more and less critical times to take in whey protein. One of those key times is pre-workout. Because whey protein is so rapidly digested and synthesized, taking RAW-PRO whey just 15 minutes prior to a workout can offer an edge to training that not only allows for peak performance, but also impacts how available muscle-sustaining amino acids and nutrients are to muscle tissue throughout the workout.

Post-Workout, whey is absolutely critical within a window of time that will help support and repair the micro-damage to muscle fibers created by heavy resistance training, or endurance activities. Vital to repair and restructure of muscle - and ultimately the building of new muscle fiber - as well as oxidative damage done to muscles during training, whey should be taken after a workout in order to enhance recovery and stimulate protein synthesis.

Outside of these critical times whey protein can be consumed as a snack in between meals, before bed or even as a part of meal in order to reach one's desired daily protein intake.

-Pure whey protein concentrate 80%
-No added sugar / added digestive enzymes
-No added flavour
-100% diabetic friendly

    DIRECTIONS:  Mix 1 serving 30gm (1 scoop) with 200-300ml water or skimmed milk. Use a blender or a hand held shaker. Mix for 30 seconds. Have 1-3 servings daily depending on daily protein need.




      Ask a Question
      • Is there any steroid in this product?

        Dear Customer
        All our products are free of banned substances as per the WADA guidelines. Raw Pro- is pure whey protein concentrate (unflavored) with added digestive enzymes for better digestion.

      • There are many fake protein specially from ON, is buying from your website is guaranteed for the genuine product.

        Dear Sir
        Let me give you some understanding of how the supplement Industry works and this would also serve you well for your future purchase decisions. Most of the customers refer to the top 50 products on as the holy grail. Its because of this that the sale of these brands namely ON, muscletech, Xtend and Pro star has skyrocketed in India. Seeing the market size, some unscrupulous people have started making fake products which basically may not do any harm but will steal the consumer of his hard earned money. This is specially alarming as these fake products are sold online on various e-commerce platforms and even through supplement shops.

        Corebolics is a national level brand. We are home grown and we are not in the business of making fake supplements. We are making genuine supplements and bringing them to the Indian consumer at a reasonable cost thereby filling the gap that exists in the market. For instance our Whey protein called Corefusion is available in 7 mouth watering flavors and costs 6500 mrp for 2.5kgs. On our site its available at a 25% discount making the effective price to be 4875 i.e 60 rs/ Serving of 24gm protein ( Whey concentrate and whey isolate).

        Team Corebolics

      • Do you manufacture in India or it is getting imported from any other country

        Dear Sir
        We import all our products from U.S.A and package them in India at our plant. This ensures that our customers get the best quality products at an effective price point.

        Team Corebolics

      • is there any amino spiking in raw pro ?

        Dear Customer
        We dont do any amino spiking. The raw pro we have is pure raw protein concentrate with added digestive enzyme for better absorption.

      • Any other certification like trusted by choice ?? Because many products contains steroids or adulteration in them

        Dear Customer
        Unfortunately we are not certified by 'trusted by choice'. However to address your concern related to our product, please note that we are a FSSAI appproved supplement manufacturer and distributor. We have a GS-1 barcode on our product which is approved by ministry of consumer affairs so everytime any of our product gets scanned anywhere in India the data is sent to the consumer affairs ministry to cross verify. Thirdly we also have letsverify labels, which also helps our customers verify our products although these are available on select few products only.
        A number of supplement brands have sprung up however please keep in mind that; national level brands are only a few. Also all our products are as per WADA regulations as many professional athletes use our products regularly and in professional sports dope testing is a way of life therefore please be rest assured that you have purchased for yourself a 100% authentic supplement brand and hopefully you will enjoy the association with India's most trusted nutrition brand.

      • Is this fssai approved.

        Dear Sir.
        Our product is fssai approved. All our products carry our fssai license number as well.

        Team Corebolics