January 09, 2019

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Any time I had traveled in the past, I abandoned my workouts and healthy eating went right out of the window because: “Hey, I’m traveling!” Returning home from any trip was like taking five giant steps backward on my health and having to start over. It bummed me out, but I was always worried about missing that amazing meal or big night out.I bet we all can relate.Yes, sometimes hotels have gyms, but they're usually no more than cramped, converted broom closets with a few treadmills and a water cooler. You can forget about traveling to a local gym, assuming you could even find one. Furthermore, the proper workout attire for outdoor training doesn't always fit in your carry-on.Traveling can be a great opportunity to experiment with new exercise options or simplify your routine. If your hotel or the house at which you are staying does not include workout facilities, take the opportunity to try something new that does not require any special tools.Experimenting with fitness efforts while traveling can help work new muscle groups and even boost your calorie burn by breaking your routine. Trying new exercises can also expose you to enjoyable new activities or simple workout routines that you can perform almost anywhere especially in the comfort of your hotel room first thing in the morning to kick -start your metabolism.

For this very reason Corebolics has introduced the new "WHEY" to travel, with Core Fusion sachets which are easy to carry for travelling and hence will leave you with 'no excuse' to not workout. So grab your shaker and Core Fusion sachets and begin your workout anywhere anytime.



  1. Burpees - 15
  2. Everest - 15
  3. Kicks - 15/leg
  4. On spot Hops on one leg - 15/leg

  5. Frog jumps 20
    Frog Jumps 20
  6. Frog walks 30

  7. Planks/vacuum/side planks

  8. Punches 25/hand

  9. Everest burpee kick - 15

  10. Plank/ab hold

11 .One leg Hops/on spot sprint/frog walk - 15

  1. Plank/flex/vacuum

  2. Punch/kick -15

  3. Frog jump/high jumps- 15

  4. Overhead towel Squats 30
    Over head Towel squats 30
  5. Push –ups Clap/ Clockwork/ crocodile – 10 each
    Push –ups Clap/ Clockwork/ crocodile – 10 each