The one crucial thing that you are missing in your workout is GOAL SETTING!

Working out without goals is like driving without a destination. Do you take measurements of body weight, body fat and your weight on a weekly basis? Do you maintain a journal of your workouts and your nutrition on a daily basis? If your answer is No, then I suggest you start doing this without any further delay as this would help you in assessing your progress and developing a plan that works for you. 


How can you have a goal of losing or gaining if you don't know how much you weigh in the first place?

  • Make a generic goal and a short- term goal to achieve the generic goal. The short -term goal should be time bound and measurable. An example of the generic goal would be I want to shred. An example of a specific goal that is time bound would be that I want to lose 4 kgs in 45 days.


  • Before starting your journey take pictures from the front, back and side and make this into a habit. Do this on a weekly basis in the morning on an empty stomach. You would be surprised how easy it would be to visually track your progress or no -progress and make changes to your diet/ workout with these pictures. 

      Quick recap:

  1. Take measurement and weigh in
  2. Make short term goals that are time bound.
  3. Make generic goals - long term goals
  4. Take pictures on a weekly basis to track progress.
  5. Make a list of what you need to complete your journey.
  6. Maintain a workout journal.
  7. Create a proper nutrition / supplementation plan specific to your goals and budget. 
  8. Visualise your end goal in your head. 

Start today and get the work done.  Do something everyday that will help you get one step closer to your goals. 


Written by

Satyavrat Pachisia

Serial Entrepreneur/ Devoted Husband/ Father of two wonderful kids/ Fitness Enthusiast (Has been working out since 1992)

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