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Fusion Amino (BCAA+EAA)

Corebolics has developed FUSION AMINO- our most complete essential amino acid powder blend including BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ratio for optimal muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and training recovery support. For athletes who take recovery seriously FUSION AMINO is a potent EAA formula packing 9 amino acids necessary for growing new and preserving existing muscle mass post training.


When it comes to “Quality Amino Acids”, Corebolics is setting new standards. At Corebolics, there is a commitment to quality, which is why we use the all new Instant fermented branched chain amino acids from vegan sources. Use the product elite athletes have known about for years. Make sure you keep FUSION AMINO: as a part of your daily year-round supplement program.


STIMULATE MUSCLE GROWTH: BCAA refer to three amino acids. Leucine, isoleucine and valine. Leucine plays an important role in muscle protein synthesis. Isoleucine induces glucose uptake in to cells.


MAXIMIZE RECOVERY: BCAA helps buffer lactic acid, stimulate protein synthesis, and support the immune system to rapidly reduce your recovery time. Recover from your workouts faster, come back bigger and stronger for more.


REDUCE MUSCLE SORENESS (DOMS): It’s normal to have doms (delayed onset muscle soreness) after a training session. However DOMS can interfere with upcoming training sessions by hindering strength and limiting the required range of motion. BCAA helps battle doms so that you can come back stronger, faster and ruthlessly attack your next training session.


PREVENT OVERTRAINING: BCAA helps support the immune system and combat symptoms of overtraining so that you can get back in the gym more often and train harder.
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Waao What A Product, actually my frnd suggested me this product.. Best ever results :)
best ever whey protein, can't describe all in few words bt all over product is awesome :) Thank You Corebolics


Amazing taste and good quantity (got 0.5lbs free) even it blends well with oats and tastes good. banana flavour is the best and will make you beast!!

Mithun Shetty

One of the best whey protein available in India.Best tasting protein supplement you will ever try. I'm using "Banana Blast" flavour, and trust me guys taste is superb.....Good amount of protein per serving among all standard brands in market. Easy digestive.Value for money. 100% recommended.....

Jignesh Panchal

I took the pineapple flavor and using it from last 10 Days..Amazing quality and effective too.

Nikhil Tiwari

Results were awesome!!!
A must try product! Only product with maximum protein per serving and that too with a chocolate flavor , and i started getting results in few weeks.

Rahul khajanchi

Original Product. It is very tasty and economical.Great decreased my recovery time!

Sourav Roy

More serving more protien ♥️. I love the flavour and find myself downing 3 to 4 shakes a day easily. Another great plus in my opinion is that it is very easy to mix, no big blobs like some of the other brands! Waiting 4 mah gains💪

Abhishek Tomar

Very happy with the taste of the product and its very fine because of which mixability is great. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality protein at a very reasonable price.

Sushant Dutta

gr8 product in the term of taste mixability and value for money...
reffering to my Gym frnds..
such a gr8 product