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Energy Sports (Electrolyte Powder Fortified With BCAA, Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate and Vitamins)

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Corebolics Energy Sports is an instant energy formula to hydrate and energize sports persons, fitness enthusiasts and athletes.Glucose + Sucrose + Coconut water powder (Which is often described as a “natural isotonic sports drink” providing higher amounts of electrolytes such as potassium & magnesium than conventional sports drinks) this unique formulation makes corebolics energy the first choice amongst athletes of all age groups.


-Better Hydration
-Replenish Electrolytes
-Glucose For Instant Energy
-Minerals For Bone Health


    DIRECTIONS: Add 4 teaspoonful (approx. 35g) to one glass of water (200ml) and stir. Recommended 2 glasses per day.





    Ask a Question
    • I am daibetic so I can use isotonic drinks?

      Dear Customer
      The answer to your question is No. Isotonic drinks often contain dextrose for instant energy which can be not a good option for diabetics. We would recommend that you stay clear from all supplements that have some form of simple sugar. 

      Team Corebolics