Before we get into Pre+Probiotics, let me give you some background information and explain what the Microbiome is, and how Pre+Probiotics has come into the picture.

Do you know that every multicellular organism, including every animal and plant, is coated in a large array of microorganisms, often known as microbes, which are extremely small (microscopic) living beings including bacteria, viruses, and yeast?

They live in great numbers on our skin, in our body fluids, and in our bowel. We live in symbiosis with these microbes, providing them with a:

  • Place to live
  • Food to eat
  • And in return, they offer us a lot of support.

They generate vitamins and short-chain fatty acids, inhibit the formation of hazardous germs, alter the immune system, and improve the overall health. However, harmful rather than beneficial microbes can dominate our microbiomes. This is where Probiotics and Prebiotics come into play; we can use them to alter the equilibrium of the microbiome and create a system that works for us rather than against us.

What is Pre+ Probiotics?


Prebiotics are non digestible dietary constituents that have been associated with the formation of useful bacteria in the gut. In other words, they are conducive to the growth of "beneficial" microbes. Prebiotics have the ability to improve both gastrointestinal health and calcium absorption.

 On the other hand, Probiotics are "good" bacteria — or living cultures — that are comparable to those found naturally in the gut. By altering or propagating intestinal bacteria, these active cultures help to control the gut flora. This functional component has the ability to boost immunity and overall health, including gut health.

Why do you need Pre+Probiotics? 

40% of adults suffer from a functional gastrointestinal disorder in 73,000 people, 33 country surveys according to the University of Gothenburg.

To treat these conditions, we need to improve our health by integrating Pre+Probiotics into our diet.

The Advantages of Taking Pre+Probiotics:

  • Probiotics are vital to health through regulation of the immune system.
  • Changes in intestinal bacterial composition may cause inflammatory diseases and infections.
  • Diet and lifestyle can impact the balance of good bacteria in GIT.
  • Compromised immunity causes illness and infections.
  • Lifestyle affects the gastrointestinal microbiota and increases the risk of infections.

 Where you can get Pre+Probiotics?

It's easy to get probiotics into your body and begin the fight against those harmful bacteria. Make sure you eat foods that are high in probiotics and prebiotic. Let me list a few greatest sources of probiotics, from the obvious (yogurt) to the unexpected (kimchi, a cabbage dish) to kombucha, a drink. And, whole grains, bananas, and a variety of other foods are good providers of prebiotic.



One capsule per day can also be used to replace prebiotic and probiotic-rich diets, with GUT PRO - a 360 solution to your overall health.

Why should you choose Corebolics Pre+Probiotics over the other brands in the market?

Because at Corebolics, we are committed to delivering the highest quality products and believe that "Healthy Gut = Healthy You."

Gut Pro, a Pre+Probiotics blend that improves your wellness by increasing digestion and nutrient absorption in the gut is the product that is made for you.

Ingredients are chosen with care to give you a good gut  feeling! Fill your belly with nature’s and science's best.


 Lactobacillus Rhamnosus:

  • Protects against gastro-intestinal infection and diseases
  • Prevents allergic symptoms
  • Strengthens your gut

 Lactobacillus Acidophilus:

  • Supports digestive functions
  • Restores the balance of gut flora
  • Provides relief from abdominal cramps, gas, and diarrhea

 Lactobacillus Longum:

  • BB536 is a multifunctional probiotic 
  • Alleviates gastrointestinal, immunological, and infectious diseases
  • Stabilizes gut microbiota and improve intestinal environment

 How much is enough?

Probiotics and Prebiotics are both required for the intestine, brain, and overall health. Your stomach and body will appreciate you for the rest of your life if you incorporate them into your everyday meals.

Start with 2 capsules per day during the first seven days. It should be taken at the first hour of the day on an empty stomach.